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Work Flow

If you’re curious about my workflow, here it is.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional photographer (yet!) and so I know there are areas where I can improve my work flow but as an amateur/enthusiast, it gets the job done.

  1. I import all of my photos from my SD Card to my computer through Lightroom 3. I insert the SD card directly into my 13″ Macbook Pro and Lightroom automatically detects it.
  2. I go over  all my photos from that important and mark off the ones that I don’t want to keep or edit and delete them from the group. I don’t see any problem with this since I take a lot of images and it costs virtually nothing to throw away. (I say virtually since every shutter actuation ads to to the age of the camera’s mechanisms.
  3. From there, I switch into “develop” mode and start editing. Starting with White Balance or Exposure (whichever is in need of more tweaking). I also decide at this point if I want to go Black and White or Color.
  4. I stay away from sharpening since I have already set my jpeg picture style to add some sharpening “in-camera”
  5. I then straighten my lines and correct my distortion.
  6. Now, I export my images in web-friendly dimensions with a small watermark to a designated folder for upload
  7. Finally, I export my images again but this time in full-size resolution to a designated folder on my hard drive organized by geographic location. Sometimes I have enough photos from a certain event/shoot that I’ll make a separate folder altogether.
  8. Share my photos on Facebook, Xanga, WordPress and my website.
  9. REPEAT!
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